Free-range chicken or often referred to as the free-range chicken. Is a type of chicken that is especially in rural areas where most people keep native chickens by the people of Indonesia. From each of these villages, it is very easy to find lots of free-range chickens roaming outside the houses of the villagers.

It’s not even just in the countryside, as in the cities actually. Many of the people who have kept chicken as a hobby at home. not only in the countryside. The free-range chicken is more resistant when faced with a change in weather and also from various kinds of diseases that are in addition to the fact that free-range chicken includes chickens that are very easy to maintain.

The Advantages Gained In Raising Village Chickens

1. Get an Income

When you do something seriously enough and also with a strong enough intention. Like keeping a free-range chicken, which of course can make one source of income that is quite profitable. Moreover, from the chicken meat which is known to be very tasty and very likely to be liked by the public. The meat and eggs of the native chickens are indeed very valuable, which is relatively very high. The eggs are sold in the form of grains, and from free-range chickens they will usually be sold per head.

2. Produce Good Nutrient Feed Source

The domesticated chicken can be used as chicken for consumption. The meat, which is quite fresh, is indeed very comfortable to eat in a blend of spices that have been formulated in such a way. Chicken meat and eggs are indeed well known as a very high source of nutritious food. The content of animal protein is quite high which is found in eggs and from free-range chicken meat.

This animal protein does contain a source of nutrients that are needed in replacing cells in the body that have been damaged. to help with growth. Including for pregnant women, it is very suitable to consume free-range chicken and village eggs because it is very good for consumption by mothers who are pregnant.

3. Guaranteed Chicken Feed

When you have raised your own free-range chickens, you can of course find out what your chickens are from what food they eat. Instead of having to buy chickens from other farms or buy them in the market. Of course, it would be better if you have your own free-range chicken and cut it yourself, rather than having to buy it which is not guaranteed the quality of the chicken.

And also from meat produced from livestock itself contains less fat when compared to that which is farmed on the market. Generally, the market farms are meant to grow quickly because the chickens have been given medicines to grow faster.

4. As entertainment and enliven the atmosphere

Means of entertainment when in your home is where you can raise native chickens that you can get. Because usually there will be a sense of pleasure when the chickens are raised by you and grow very well. It can even cause a sense of pleasure for those of you who have been feeding your own pet chickens. So from that happiness can arise from yourself after you have seen your native chickens fighting for food and also running here and there.

5. Malaria disease that does not like the smell of chicken

It turns out that a very surprising study has found a fact that the smell that has been released by the chicken really makes mosquitoes disliked by malaria mosquitoes. For the first time in a study like this, it is very clear that from the active malaria mosquitoes will often avoid certain animal species. So the chicken will be safer because it has the advantage of the released aroma that is not liked by other animals.

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